Recapture your love of language

What can you pull out of your memories to reenergize your language learning?

From time to time I have to get these images front of mind when I perceive my language level decreasing or finding that it is becoming more of a chore rather than the joy it was in early days.

Krzysztof Kieslowski’s Bleu still resonates with me. Certain images from that film – Juliette Binoche’s tears, the glass bobbles in the palm of her hand, diving into the pool – have stayed with me. It was a film I saw early on in my language learning path. Memories and images from that film, travel and other mediums bring back not only how I felt when I saw them for the first time, but what I felt while discovering a new language and culture, that awkward excitedness of stumbling through new words and syntax then eventually getting that thought out. A jumbled and emotionally-charged trip down memory lane.

What do you recall when feeling nostalgic for when you were impassioned by learning a second language?  Is it listening to U2 or Jean-Jacques Goldman? Is it watching Jean de Florette or Star Wars? Is it looking through pictures of a first trip abroad?

Whatever it is, get it out, get it front and center. Remember why you started to study another language in the first place – and why you enjoyed it.

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