Ready, get set, go!

If you are tired of being frustrated with all the areas of English you would like to improve, I have a challenge for you.

Recently I read an article describing how some employers no longer desire multitasking employees. They want people who can focus on one thing at a time while remaining highly productive and resourceful. This is not a simple request given today’s world and workplaces.

Those who take Pilates or Yoga classes are familiar with the instructor’s request that students shut out the outside world to be completely focused on breathing and form. Initially I thought this request – to focus on one thing – would be so easy. Wrong! It is so challenging!

We could approach language learning in a similar fashion – one step at a time. I am well aware that this is easier said than done. Making a sentence requires more than one part. Subject. Verbs. Adjectives. Adverbs. Objects. We constantly pressure ourselves to speak our second language as well as as our first language. Regardless of language level, this is not always possible at the exact moment you want.

For this week, just pick one thing. Be mindful of that one thing you want to improve. Don’t be distracted by all the things you need or want to work on. Are you working on tense? Are you working on vocabulary? Are you working on expressions? Are you working on English for certain business situations?

Let’s say this week’s focus is tense.  So every time you read an article, every time you listen to English on the TV, every time you speak to a colleague, I want you to pay particular attention to the verb and tense that is being used. Just focus on that. Don’t worry so much about vocabulary. Don’t worry so much about using that right expression. Just focus on tense.

Then, review your findings at the end of the week. To have a more measurable result, keep a diary or log of when you noticed errors, when you self-corrected, and even when you remarked why someone used a particular tense.

I think you’ll find that after a week of being mindful of this one aspect, you will see an improvement. Then you can move onto the next item on your list! Or, stick with tenses. It’s up to you.

Make improving your English part of your daily routine to reach your language goals. I would love to be with you on this journey, providing you with encouragement, tips and training along the way. Click here for a free consultation!