Have you made any new year’s resolutions? Is this an important tradition for you or in your country? In the USA, sharing your new year’s resolutions is a frequent topic of discussion after returning to school or work after the Christmas holiday. Many people have “losing weight” as their #1 resolution, which is why a report on gym memberships is timely.

This recent report highlights two things Americans love to talk about: fitness and ways to save money. It appeared on a morning news show on a major American network in early January 2016. It is brief, highlights key statistics and is designed for people who are watching TV and getting dressed at the same time.

In this segment, there are several different English learning points to seize on: vocabulary related to saving money (discounts, plans); functional language related to presenting information (in fact, such as, rhetorical questions); and financial vocabulary (large quantities, percentages, surveys, and charts).

Watching the news is a fabulous way to connect with a culture and many times it allows you to focus on a key interest, like how to better pronounce numbers and percentages, while the topic is fun and light – and perhaps a bit more entertaining than a financial report!

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