Does the excuse “I don’t have the time” come to mind every time you think about improving your English?

Sometimes we simply over-analyze a situation so much that no action is ever taken. This indecisiveness is another form of decision-making. Not making a choice effectively becomes the choice.

Are you at that point with your English? Have you thought about taking a class for so long that you are now committed to abandoning the idea completely?

Or, are you scared to take that first step as your goals seem impossible, too far into the future, or too costly to pursue?

What is the cost – financially and psychologically – of not taking a few steps forward?

Three steps to improve your languages skills today:

  1. Read the headlines of a major English language publication every day. A great way to do this is Twitter. If you have time, click to read the entire article. If not, skim and move on. Or, set your home page to your favorite English language daily or gossip site.
  2. Document new words and phrases. Keep an Evernote notebook or journal of new words and expressions you have encountered. Cite the source, too, for context when you have time to return to it. Reread it, write down a sentence of your own, committing it to memory so that the next time you read or hear the expression, it will no longer be foreign. It will be familiar.
  3. Turn everyday tasks into a language review. Have something to count? Do it in your target language. Writing a to-do list? Use the imperative tense and finish the phrases in your target language. Have a pet? Talk to them in your target language.

If these steps seem enjoyable and manageable, think about your language goals and take action now! The key is to start: we all have to begin somewhere!